Your business ideas can be anything – product ideas, consumer Internet, mobile, gaming, entertainment, and more. We can help you to invent better products by focusing on the business ideas as overall image: user and business goals, ease of use, clear vision with communication and great visual response.

With our specially designed Idea Building Partner Program (IBPP), you can design, develop, and release world-class enterprise software products for a partial credit on actual bill.


is combination of multi-talented designers and thinkers with the depth of rich experience in delivering highly creative work across the mediums.
What we do?

We love to research, draw, talk, listen, inspire, evaluate, suggest, model, and prototype. Our skills with real experience in design can help your idea to invent products through the evolution process.
How we approach?

We believe in people-first design approach, which we call as, "The Evolution Process". Our tailored approach helps startups and VC portfolio companies to develop their business cases to real products/applications.

We can setup your evolution process into three phases:


In the first call – we love to listen to you carefully, understand your business plans as big image and what your needs are.

  • Understanding user & domain
  • Contextual analysis
  • Information architecture
  • Experience model

What we give:
Idea presentation (PPT)
Abstract paper sketches


Based on your idea, we develop framework for your product that would be blue print of product.

  • Defining structure & design
  • Laying design patterns
  • Capturing high-level wireframes
  • Build detail design

What we give:
Wireframes (PPT)
Detail design (PSD Source Files)
CSS/HTML prototypes


We believe in providing more realistic and systematic reviews, rather than imaginary.

  • Behavior, form & content
  • Categorization
  • Improving affordance
  • Removing jargon

What we give:
Expert reviews (PPT)


Set up design team
We work with you like your partner, our mission continues until the product reaches the end-user and gains momentum. We help you to navigate through the design transition and monitor the feature updates. We help you find the best design talent to match your product needs and establish the design practice at runtime.
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